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Scientific Recovery is an evidence-based outpatient alcoholism treatment program for high-profile women seeking private, state-of-the-art care for problem drinking. Scientific Recovery utilizes safe, effective, research verified anti-craving medications together with personalized relapse prevention therapy. Our focus is on professional women who have recognized that alcohol is a problem they no longer want in their lives and who are ready to take action for recovery. Our goal is to assist women not only to eliminate their alcohol dependence, but also to be happy that they did.

"The possibilities for tomorrow are usually beyond our expectations". Anon. 

Program Overview

If you’re a woman seeking help because your drinking has gotten out of control, you’ve come to the right place. At Scientific Recovery, we understand what you’re going through. Important parts of your life have become hard to handle. Your use of alcohol is causing problems with your family, health, work, finances, or the law. Perhaps a friend, loved one, or colleague has expressed concern about your drinking. You’re worried, and you’re tired.

Scientific Recovery can help.

Scientific Recovery is an effective bio-psycho-social approach to the treatment of alcoholism that is consistent with the best practices derived from research. Hundreds of motivated women just like you have recovered successfully using our evidence-based outpatient treatment approach.

Our treatment program understands alcoholism to be a chronic disease with genetic, biological, psychological, and social components. As with other chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes, alcoholism can be controlled with a combination of medication and lifestyle change. Scientific Recovery recognizes that appropriate treatment for problem drinking can be very effective for motivated women seeking recovery.


"Only by acceptance of the past can you alter it."    -  Mary Kay Ash


Designed for successful outcomes, Scientific Recovery's cutting-edge outpatient treatment program includes both anti-craving medications and relapse prevention therapyScientific Recovery makes use of safe, effective medications that minimize withdrawal symptoms, stop the craving for and obsession with alcohol, and support the repair of damaged brain chemistry. When combined with personalized therapy for relapse prevention, this is the most effectual treatment approach available today.

Women in the public eye such as health-care professionals, attorneys, corporate executives, and others often need utmost privacy. Scientific Recovery was created for high-profile women in appreciation of their difficulty accessing private, state-of-the-art, outpatient treatment for alcohol problems. Completely confidential, Scientific Recovery provides maximum privacy. Our program includes private therapy appointments and confidential laboratory screening.

Outpatient treatment offers a real world environment in which to draw your roadmap for long-term recovery. Freed from the physical discomforts of alcohol withdrawal and cravings, you can give your full attention to relapse-prevention planning and to developing strategies for living happily without alcohol.

Licensed health care professionals provide all services.

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."  -   Tuli Kupferberg


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